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Founded in the UK in 2013, Wooke Store has been developing unique products that combine design and functionality to match versatile and diverse lifestyles. As a brand we strive to be innovative in our pursuit to evolve the ordinary into the unexpected by creating alternative up-styled ranges and applications. 

The booming tech savvy market has increased the demand for more interesting looking technology based products and brands such as mobile phones and tablets, which have become a ‘must-have’ and necessary everyday accessory. This is where Wooke Store steps in, filling a gap in the market for well-designed and fashionable charging accessories, that support the latest electronic devices. 

Every ChargeOriginal product by Wooke Store is certified and approved by Apple Inc. and is manufactured using original Apple parts and components only, thereby guaranteeing secure and ongoing flawless performance just as you’ve come to expect from original Apple cables available at approved retailers.

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