Fantasy - Micro USB - 3m/9.8ft

Fantasy - Micro USB - 3m/9.8ft

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If you can't stay away from your phone and need to use it while it is charging beside your bed, office, living room or any charging station you create. Use your phone comfortably while charging preserving the cable shape and core.

    • Product Description

      A functional and durable cable, which has been specifically developed for today's style savvy market in mind, covered in a beautifully patterned braid design! 

    • Technical Details

      • Length: 3m/9.8ft
      • Charging speed: 2.1A
      • Can easily be stored away by winding the cable without damaging the core.
      • Braided Cable are stronger and more durable, tangle proof, with a variety of pattern and colours options and increased flexibility
      • Manufactured with moulded casings, which ensures the connector is securely fitted to the cable. 
      • Incorporate a protective-case friendly design, in that the casing has a tapered lip closest to the connector, enabling the you to charge or sync your device without the need to remove the protective-case